Animal Calls – The World’s FIRST Call-in Radio Program for Understanding Pet and Animal Behavior – FRIDAYS AT NOON (Pacific)

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Animals, and especially our pets, are part of the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide. Yet, many people don’t really understand the language that animals use to communicate with us. Often, needs communicated in the animal-specific language are misunderstood, leaving us to wonder why animals sometimes do strange, puzzling, annoying, or destructive things in their attempt to get our attention.

That’s where ANIMAL CALLS comes to the rescue!

Featuring Certified Animal Behaviorist Karpathia Kingsley, this program will delve into the how’s and whys of what your pet is doing, and how it is trying to communicate with you based on the science behind breeding and behavior. We’ll take your calls and provide answers!

Some of the topics we’ll cover include but aren’t limited to…

  • How to deal with separation anxiety now that we’re all going back to work
  • Exploring what type of dog or pet would be best for you BEFORE you add one to your family
  • The benefits of shelter fostering
  • Why your pet pees on the rug despite every attempt to discourage it, and how to solve the problem

Tune in every Friday at noon (Pacific Time) to KKNW over the air as heard on Alternative Talk 1150 in Seattle, or listen live on the web via streaming.

Here’s the opening music and introduction, enjoy!